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Early Teal Season

 September teal hunting in Texas offers an incredible chance to immerse yourself in nature and the thrill of the hunt. With the arrival of autumn, these fast-flying ducks grace the skies, creating an exciting challenge for hunters. Guided by seasoned experts; come and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow hunting enthusiasts. It's an opportunity to connect with nature and test your skills. Teal are a great bird for someone looking to make the transition from dove to waterfowl. 

Blue wing teal on water
Wigeon on log

Regular Waterfowl Season

Waterfowl hunting in the El Campo and Eagle Lake area can be some of the best hunting in the country; you can expect a very diverse shooting experience. Shooting Pintail, Teal, Wigeon, Gadwall, Wood duck, Mallard, Shoveler, Red Head, and Canvasback are all possible in one hunt in what is called the "Texas Bag".  We generally meet in the morning and caravan out to the hunting site, where we take a UTV to the blind and prepare for the morning hunt. 

Season Dates and Limits

Morning Hunt

$250.00 per person

 (Kids 15 and under half price)


North Zone Duck Season Dates 

Nov. 9 - Dec. 1, 2024

 Dec. 7, 2023 - Jan. 26, 2025

South Zone Duck Season Dates

Nov. 2 - Dec. 1, 2024

 Dec. 14, 2023 - Jan. 26, 2025

Daily bag limit

6 in the aggregate

Including no more than:

5 mallards (only two may be hens)

3 wood ducks

3 scaup

2 redheads

1 pintail

2 canvasback

1 "dusky" duck


Waterfowl Hunting Gallery

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