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What To Bring

Texas Parks and Wildlife
Hunting License

You can order your hunting license online from TPWD or you can go to your local sporting goods store and pick one up there.

You will need:

General Hunting License

Migratory Game Bird Endorsment

Federal Duck Stamp


Ammo is a lot of personal preference but we recommend the following. (Just remember all shells have to be steel or non-toxic rounds for waterfowl.)


Teal: 2 3/4" shell in number #3-6 shot

"Big Duck": 3" shells do the trick for most cases and we would stick with shot anywhere from #2-4 for most situations.

Shotgun Shells

We recommend a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun that takes at least 3" shells. Make sure if you purchase a new gun that the plug is installed and will only except a maximum of three shells (including one in the chamber).


For most of our waterfowl hunts you will need the following items:

Camo Hat

Camo Shirt or Jacket (depending on the weather.

Waders or knee boots depending on the blind we hunt.

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